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XYZ Smart Collagen. The Skin Architects.
A revolutionary new collagen system

Collagen is the key to maintaining youthful, healthy-looking skin. But as we age, collagen production slows down, leading to thin, sagging skin and wrinkles. By the age of 35, collagen production has already halved, so early intervention is crucial to prevent premature signs of ageing.

Our skin architects have devised a pioneering ‘smart collagen management’ program that counteracts the visible signs of ageing by shifting the delicate balance between collagen production and collagen breakdown.

By boosting your skin’s natural collagen production and slowing its breakdown, XYZ Smart Collagen helps restore your skin’s elasticity, firmness and texture. Enriched with nourishing plant extracts, XYZ Smart Collagen’s powerful anti-ageing formula is clinically proven to visibly lift, tighten and firm the skin and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.

Welcome to the next generation of skincare.


Introducing Smart Collagen Management
A breakthrough in professional skincare

The internal structure of your skin (the dermis) is made up of an organised network of connective tissue; collagen, which gives the skin its firmness, and elastin, which gives it its elasticity. In young skin there is a balance between collagen production and collagen breakdown, enabling the skin to maintain its firm, defined structure. But as we age, this balance shifts and both the production and quality of collagen declines. Eventually, collagen is broken down faster than it can be produced. The result is an increasingly disorganised connective tissue structure which shows on the outside as thin, loose, wrinkled skin.

XYZ Smart Collagen shifts this balance back in your favour. By restoring the natural balance between collagen synthesis and collagen breakdown, XYZ Smart Collagen helps you maintain younger-looking skin and restores long-term firmness and elasticity to mature skin.


What are the advantages of unitary government? #unitary #government

# What are the advantages of unitary government? Related Questions What is the difference between a unitary and a federal state? A: A unitary state keeps all power under the control of the central government, while a federal state splits power between central authorities and local or re. Full Answer What are the disadvantages of the unitary system? A: The disadvantages of a unitary system include a lack of power balances, the possibility for slow national response because the national government must con. Full Answer What is the definition of “national unity”? A: National unity refers to a type of ...


Conemaugh Health System #crichton #rehabilitation #center

# Crichton Rehabilitation Center and Outpatient Clinics Commitment to the Patient All team members will act in a manner consistent with the mission, philosophy, and operating policies of Crichton Rehabilitation Center and Outpatient Clinics. In accordance with these principles and policies, team members will: Treat others, including patients, families, visitors, fellow staff members, and any other person, with respect and dignity, which includes respecting rights to privacy. Provide the highest quality clinical and customer related services. Demonstrate fairness and honesty in all interactions with the public, including accurate portrayal of the programs and services offered, and the outcomes of such ...


What’s new at APIC

Infection prevention education for long-term care offered at 2017 Academy EPI 101 for LTC is now offered at the 2017 APIC Infection Prevention Academy in San Antonio, TX. This two-day course on October 2-3 is a tailored version of the gold standard APIC EPI courses and covers critical new regulatory requirements on infection prevention and control in LTC facilities. Health IT Virtual Learning Lab—geared to all competency levels The convenient and affordable Health Information Technology Virtual Learning Lab is carefully structured to help you efficiently assess data and surveillance systems, understand IT terminology, and validate and maintain data systems for ...


Electrical Contractor – Electricians Wichita #electrical #companies #in #houston

# System Controls & Data Cabling At Tracy Electric, we take pride in being able to provide a wide range of services for our valuable customers. We have several technicians on staff who have gone above and beyond to become certified with some very reputable companies in order for us to Industrial Electrician, Wichita Tracy Electric has extensive experience with control systems, materials handling, continuous and batch-type systems, conveyance controls, processing, packaging and other industrial systems for all types of industrial processing. Residential Electrician Whether the project calls for appliance installation, outdoor lighting installation, electrical repairs, home security lighting, or ...


Business Telephone Systems – RHM Telecommunications #phone #system #suppliers

# Telephony Your telephone system sits at the heart of your business as one of your main communication tools. Rapid change in technology means there is a vast array of features and facilities available on modern telephone systems to help your business. Deployment options have changed too since you last changed your system. Today they can still be installed on site or increasingly popular are Cloud or Hosted solutions. Commercially you can purchase, lease or rent a solution from RHM. Our role is to understand your requirements and recommend the best fit for you in terms of functionality and budget. ...


Welcome to ABS Alarm ding high tech and interactive alarm security for home, business and commercial needs #bay #area #alarm #companies

# Creating Customized High Tech and Interactive Security Solutions for Home, Commercial Business and Industrial Alarm Systems. Call 888-595-6003 today for a more secure tomorrow. Your home is one of the largest investments you’ll ever make, protect it and your valuables – your home must be a safe haven for your family and friends. We […]


Asch morning News
OCT.20th, 2017
Daily News
1. It's reported that a total of 48 companies, including HPE, have joined the EEA on October 19.

2.The senior Vice President of Canda said Bitcoin could change the finical sector but could not replace the cash system.

3.The USPTO ( US Patent and Trademark Office) has granted patent to the blockchain based data matching system proposed by NASDAQ.

4. UBS (United Bank of Switzerland) which supports blockchain technology, issued a whitepaper pointing out that the demand for cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin depends on whether the government approves the use in tax payment.

5. Team of Australian Senate supports Crypto-currrencies Exchange Act.

6. The federation " Digital Trade Chians" which has assembled eight well-known banks, announced that a joint venture company would be established by the end of this year to better develop its blockchain trading platform.

7.The Jasper project proposed by the Bank of Canada, which aims at exploring the application of distributed ledger, is now in the third stage. This stage will focus on the construction of the securities and payment platform, and hope to achieve the target of optimizing securities settlement process at an early date.


Осенняя хандра, псих под окнами с топором в руках кричащий тебе: «Выходи, трусливая мразь» а ты сидишь с котиком и слушаешь композиции убивая своё настроение и отвечая ему: «Ацтань пожалуста, мне очень плохо».


STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam #architectural #school #products

# STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam STYROFOAM™ Brand Insulation and Foam versus Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam is often used to refer to expanded polystyrene even though the materials are completely different. STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam is a registered trademark of the Dow Chemical Company (“Dow”) or an affiliated company of Dow. The trademark covers a full range of extruded polystyrene building products used primarily for insulation of floors, walls and roof systems. The insulation panels are commonly referred to as “blue board” in the construction industry. Most often the word Styrofoam is used as a generic words for expanded polystyrene foam ...


SpamAssassin: Welcome to SpamAssassin #exchange # #spam #filter

# Welcome Welcome to the home page for the open-source Apache SpamAssassin Project. Apache SpamAssassin is the #1 Open Source anti-spam platform giving system administrators a filter to classify email and block spam (unsolicited bulk email). It uses a robust scoring framework and plug-ins to integrate a wide range of advanced heuristic and statistical analysis tests on email headers and body text including text analysis, Bayesian filtering, DNS blocklists, and collaborative filtering databases. Apache SpamAssassin is a project of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). Looking for tips to improve your existing installation? Click here for a variety of topics in ...


Vivint Home Alarms and Security Systems #home #alarms #without #monitoring

# Vivint Home Alarms and Security Systems Vivint touts itself as the largest home automation provider in North America, focusing on home security and home automation Vivint competes against traditional home security companies and new automation providers. Contact Vivint Toll Free: (855) 556 8806 Vivint uses wireless technology to communicate instead of traditional land line connection. People can receive text messages and emails that notify them of alarms and non-emergency alerts. Smart phones like Androids, Blackberrys and iPhones can download a free app to control the alarm system from the convenience of a phone. People can arm and disarm it ...


Company Profile
Established in 2004. Guangzhou Hanmay Cosmetics Co,.Ltd. has been a professional OEM/ODM manufacturer in cosmetics industry for more than 13 years. Owing total production area of 12, 000m2, Hanmay Cosmetics was built in compliance with GMP standard. With 10, 0000 grade purifying workshop and RO water processing system. We carry on the product development, production control, on-site management in strict accordance with the national laws and regulations, industry standard, GMPC, FDA and ISO standard. Hanmay Cosmetics conducts the rigorous quality supervision, quality control and management to ensure the effective quality control in every step.

With the OEM/ODM technology accumulated over13 years, Hanmay Cosmetics has over 3000 matured formulas. with the powerful formulation development ability and following the latest marketing trend and concept, Hanmay Cosmetics can customize the OEM/ODM formula solution to brand customers. With professional R&D team, brand customized solution, advanced manufacturing facilities, powerful productivity, strict quality control, excellent service and most reasonable price, Hanmay Cosmetics contributes to your success as OEM/ODM partner.
Hanmay Cosmetics is ready to share our know-hows on entire product development including planing ,development,production,and shipment and want to be partner for your success.



SNMP Monitoring Tools #snmp #application #monitoring

# SNMP Monitoring Tools We’ve collected a list of available network and server monitoring tools that support SNMP to help you find the right software for your purposes. Want to suggest an addition? Send mail to. Include a link to the product and a bit of information about what it does. NetCrunch Tools – Free network toolkit featuring SNMP Scanner, Ping, Traceroute, Wake OnLAN, DNS Info, Who Is, Ping Scanner, and more. AKIPS Network Monitor – Scalable Ping/SNMP network monitoring system. Supports IPv4/v6, SNMPv1/v2/v3 MD5/SHA/DES/3DES/AES128/AES192/AES256, Traps, syslog, Netflow. Free version with 2 day history. FrameFlow Multi-Site Monitor – Monitors switches, ...


EyeMD EMR Healthcare Systems Advanced Data Systems Optimizing Ophthalmology Practice Automation

BONITA SPRINGS, FL and PARAMUS, NJ, Jan 08 (Marketwire) —The EyeMD Electronic Medical Records system from EyeMD EMR Healthcare Systems (EEHS) and the MedicsPremier(TM) practice management system from Advanced Data Systems (ADS) have been optimized to give ophthalmology practices an extraordinary return on investment, increased revenue, greater productivity, improved patient care and an excellent patient experience. A seamless, no cost bi-directional embedding of both systems brings the EyeMD EMR and the MedicsPremier PM together as a single, unified solution. Abdiel Marin, President of EEHS, said, “The exchange of data between EyeMD EMR and MedicsPremier is seamless and flawless. For all ...


€ 280.000
Maisonette, 140 sq.m.
Kassandra, Poseidi

Property Code: 1316 - FOR SALE newly built 3 Bedrooms, Maisonette of total surface 140 sq.m, 3 levels Poseidi. The property comprises 3 Bedrooms, Kitchen-livingroom, 2 Bathrooms , WC. and it is also features Heating system: Individual - Petrol, View of the Sea, Window frames: Synthetic, Door: Security door, Parking, Storage Space, Garden, Fireplace, A/C, Safety door, Furnished, Closet, Open, Bright, Tents, Solar water heater, Painted, Balconies 50 sq.m. Construction year: 2 years, - Price: 280.000 €

Price: 280 000 € Main characteristics : The total area is 140 sq.m. The plot is 1000 sq.m. Year of construction 2010 Distance to the sea 700 m. Distance to the airport 90 km. Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 3 Levels 3, Additionally: fireplace, parking lot, connected to a sewerage system, connected to a water pipe, connected to an electrical system, Description The residential complex remote from the urban noise is located on a hill overlooking the vast expanses of the sea and the legendary Mount Olympus. Balconies of the townhouse look at the long cape with a sandy tail. The site is well maintained, decorated with a line of plants, the descent to the parking lot along the houses is tiled. On the first floor you can enter from the veranda, go through the hall with kitchen, bathroom and go up the marble staircase to the second floor. There is a door with access to the street, on the right there are two bedrooms with balconies and a bathroom. One storey above the room with a balcony and another bathroom.


Mexico has a rich history. Before the arrival of Columbus in the Americas, the land was inhabited by the Maya. They live a life similar to Native American Indians. As for belief systems adopted by the Maya at that time was polytheism in the form of worship to the gods.
In the future, the Mayan ...


System Controls & Data Cabling

At Tracy Electric, we take pride in being able to provide a wide range of services for our valuable customers. We have several technicians on staff who have gone above and beyond to become certified with some very reputable companies in order for us to Industrial Electrician, Wichita Tracy Electric has extensive experience with control systems, materials handling, continuous and batch-type systems, conveyance controls, processing, packaging and other industrial systems for all types of industrial processing. Residential Electrician Whether the project calls for appliance installation, outdoor lighting installation, electrical repairs, home security lighting, or services for swimming pool electrical, Wichita ...


Person-in-Environment – Social Work – Oxford Bibliographies #ecological #perspective #in #social #work

# In This Article Person-in-Environment Introduction Reference Works Textbooks Prehistory of a Social Work Perspective Emergence of a Social Work Perspective Contemporary Theories General Systems Theory Ecological Theory and Life Model of Practice Promising New Directions (Behavioral Genetics and Social Neurobiology) Social Neurobiology Behavioral Genetics Related Articles about About Related Articles close popup Other Subject Areas Forthcoming Articles Person-in-Environment by Mary Ellen Kondrat LAST REVIEWED: 06 May 2015 LAST MODIFIED: 29 April 2015 DOI: 10.1093/obo/9780195389678-0092 Introduction This bibliography deals with the concept “person in environment” as a practice orienting perspective for social work practice and education. This perspective is based ...


Online phd programs in information technology #online #phd #programs #in #information #technology

# Ph.D In Technology Management The Doctor of Philosophy in Technology Management program is designed to prepare students for positions of leadership in the public and private sectors of society. At the conclusion of the program, graduates will have developed skills in research procedures, will have acquired expertise in instructional processes, and will be able to provide service to the industrial and educational community. The program maintains most of the traditional requirements characteristic of advanced graduate study, but is unique in using the resources of a consortium of five universities linked together by alternative communication systems. These member universities have ...


Уважаемые соседи д.Гранитный 2,подъезды 1-2,огромная просьба к “одним”-не дуркуйте по ночам,чтобы “вторые” придурки не стучали по батареям в половину второго ночи!Заколебали!Честное слово!!!Иначе я вам всем устрою ”АРИЯРАЙСКУЮ”жизнь!Отдам Ребенка,который благодаря вам,не спит,и включу посреди ночи Арию+Кипелова,а так же к вашим услугам-system of a down,cranberries,Metallica.!


2017 Cost To Clean a Sewer Line #clearing #shower #drain

# How Much Does it Cost to Clean a Sewer Line? In many homes, the main sewer line can become clogged over time. This clog can be due to normal blockages from everyday use or outside problems like root systems encroaching. Whatever the reason behind the clog, there is no question that a blocked sewer line is going to cause problems. The sewer line is what transports waste from the home to the city sewer system, so resolving the problem should be done as quickly as possible. While there are a variety of products on the market designed to help ...


Musical references of NSA Technology: 1. Talking Heads; a music group popular in the eighties, wrote a song explaining the scientific process of the NSA's brainwashing technology in a song called "Wild Wild Life". The song gave an example of what the audible transmission sounded like at the end of the song (like a tape on fast forward). They mentioned in the song that "They (NSA) talk so fastà" and that the musical group had spent "All their time and money" unsuccessfully trying to find a place that the NSA would not be able to harass them. The exposed Heads Talking technology, gave an example of what it sounds like, scenarios of how the NSA might select you for the brainwashing, and the scope of the electronic surveillance system. Link: http://www.whale.to/b/nsa4.html


Lamplight City, an upcoming adventure game by Grundislav Games (developer of Shardlight and A Golden Wake), has teamed up with publisher Application Systems Heidelberg and announced an expected release window of Q2 2018 according to a press release from the publisher.
In a world where America nev...


But the orbits of the most distant of these TNOs - those with 250 times further from the sun than Earth - all point in the same direction.

Astronomers claim that this is explained by the gravitational pull of a ninth planet in our solar system that orbits 20 times farther from our sun than Neptune.


The characteristics of Świetokrzyskie's natural environment
A region of exceptional qualities of nature

Together with the Sudetes, the Świętokrzyskie Mountains are the oldest in Poland. They are characteristic for the picturesque ranges with mild slopes and many interesting observation points. The area is rich in untypical rubbles, known as stone runs (stone streams). Ponidzie (the Nida River Basin) is also known for the beds of gypsum, mineral springs and steppe vegetation. It is also here, where you will find the remains of ancient woodlands and properly managed forests which are a habitat for a whole variety of fauna and flora. Therefore, a greater part of the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship has been turned into an area of nature-conservation, i.e. 61.9 % of its surface is under legal protection, which makes it the biggest part of an administrative unit in the country. Some territories have been included into the European ecological network Natura 2000, 4 of which are under special conservation of the habitats (SOO) and 2 under special protection of bird species (OSO). The system is connected with the nature-preservation areas of the neighbouring voivodeships – Łódzkie, Mazowieckie and Małopolskie.

1. The Świętokrzyskie Mountains are the oldest in Europe
2. The beauty of the region charms every tourist who comes in here
3. Unusual landscapes and enchanting atmosphere


Одмэн пусти по братски)
От души)
Всем шалом.
Ищу девчулю с #здп_Мск )
Мне 17 годиков.
Люблю музыку. Пою, играл на муз инструментах, разные виды спорта, фри ран, рисование рун и х*и пинаю😄
Пою 9 лет. Стихи пишу лирические. Люблю на крыше смотреть на закат и встречать рассветы. Занимался боксом, кикбоксингом.
Щас ММА занимаюсь. в последние время настолки, стратегии, достаточно читаю зарубежные книги, футболом 9 лет занимался.
Как-то так)
Пиши ;)
Админу печенек


Metropolitan Health Group: Engaged in Health #metropolitan #group #auto #insurance

# A division within the JSE-listed MMI Holdings, Metropolitan Health is the largest administrator of medical schemes in South Africa. Metropolitan Health provides administration, managed care and wellness services for more than 20 clients, including medical schemes, various blue-chip organisations and government departments, covering over 3 million lives. As a well-entrenched, cost-effective administrator with a proven track record of creating ongoing cost efficiencies, Metropolitan Health’s key differentiators include flexibility and scalability of systems, and excellent data warehousing and analysis capability. Its fully in-house developed administration services include membership management; claims processing; comprehensive premium management services; client services; scheme marketing and ...


AAA Alarm Systems: Home Monitoring #how #much #are #home #alarm #systems

# AAA Alarm Systems Home Security System Packages AAA Alarm Systems is wholly owned by MTS and is focused on home security systems, all of which require monitoring contracts. They have been operating since 1962 out of Winnipeg, and have an office in Brandon as well, AAA is owned by MTS. Most deals with AAA are based on being a subscriber to other MTS services. AAA Alarm Packages Each AAA package includes the basics: a security sign a newsletter decals for doors and windows customer support full monitoring AAA Entry Package: Honeywell 6149EX Control Panel covering 6 zones 3 wired ...


Ethernet Networking

Samuel B. Morse’s regenerative repeater invention for amplifying weak telegraphic signals has recently been resurrected and transistorized. Morse’s electrical relay permits amplification of weak binary telegraphic signals above a fixed threshold. Experiments by various organizations (primarily the Bell Telephone Laboratories) have shown that digital data rates on the order of 1.5 million bits per second can be transmitted over ordinary telephone line at repeater spacings on the order of 6,000 feet for #22 gage pulp paper insulated copper pairs. At present, more than 20 tandemly connected amplifiers have been used in the Bell System T-l PCM multiplexing system without retiming ...


Fat Cutter Drink - For Extreme Weight Loss (10 Kgs) #DrinkForWeightLoss, #FatCutterDrink, #FatCutterDrinkForExtremeFatLoss, #FatCutterDrinkForExtremeWeightLoss, #FatCutterDrinkForFatLoss, #FatCutterDrinkForRapidWeightLoss, #HowToLoseWeightFast, #RemediesForWeightLoss #FatLossVideos

THE 3 WEEK DIET is a revolutionary new diet system that not only guarantees to help you lose weight — it promises to help you lose more weight — all body fat — faster than anything else you’ve ever tried. Click Here!
Fat Cutter Drink gives a boost of energy and helps lose more calories by...

Read the rest of this entry » http://bit.ly/2icfxQ5


What makes you itch? What sort of a situation would you like? Let’s suppose, I do this often in vocational guidance of students, they come to me and say, well, "we’re getting out of college and we have the faintest idea what we want to do". So I always ask the question, "what would you like to do if money were no object? How would you really enjoy spending your life?" Well, it’s so amazing as a result of our kind of educational system, crowds of students say well, we’d like to be painters, we’d like to be poets, we’d like to be writers, but as everybody knows you can’t earn any money that way. Or another person says well, I’d like to live an out-of-doors life and ride horses. I said you want to teach in a riding school? Let’s go through with it. What do you want to do? When we finally got down to something, which the individual says he really wants to do, I will say to him, you do that and forget the money, because, if you say that getting the money is the most important thing, you will spend your life completely wasting your time. You’ll be doing things you don’t like doing in order to go on living, that is to go on doing things you don’t like doing, which is stupid. And so, therefore, it’s so important to consider this question: What do I desire?

— Alan Watts (1915 - 1973)


На дворе ночь, а мне не спится.
Я думал и понял, что пришло и мое время сделать запись по какой-либо чутка отвлечённой теме

Небольшое вступление и тема для размышления:
Вы когда-нибудь задумывались, чем для вас является волонтёрство? Для меня это не только бескорыстная помощь людям и человечеству в целом, но и определённый способ самовыражения или проявления индивидуальности. Дак почему бы каждому из участников проекта не оставить здесь частичку себя?

К счастью, не один я понимаю это и в группе уже есть подобные посты.
Что же является частью меня? Это, конечно, музыка. Музыка - спутник моей жизни во все времена, она поддержит меня в любой ситуации.
Именно поэтому я хочу поделиться с вами ею. Вот небольшая подборочка лично от меня. Именно эти песни я слушаю, когда нахожусь один на пустой улице, и это доставляет мне замечательное ощущение единения с окружающим. Надеюсь, вы меня поймёте и поддержите.

Так же я предлагаю и остальным участникам добавить в нашу группу то, что они считают их неотъемлемой частью себя, ведь это поможет нам лучше узнать и понять друг друга

P.S. Cмайликов нет, ибо будут чутка не в тему, да и должно же быть здесь хоть немного суровости

P.P.S. Вот вам вид замечательного места, где можно послушать либо спокойную музыку, либо то, что у вас внутри, и, наконец, понять что вы и зачем вы здесь