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Date: 2017-10-18 06:56

Welcome to Roulette. Here you can win enormous amounts within few minutes.
All or Nothing. Have you got the nerves?
Have Fun and Good Luck!
Bets: You can play up to 500,000 S.
Important notice regarding the Jackpot: In this Roulette version the jackpot gets partitioned based on the bet you made. If you play with 500,000 S, you will get 100% of the jackpot, but if you play with 250,000 S you will only receive 50% and so on. We choose this system to ensure more fairness and give the advantage to highroller, because those are the ones which fill the jackpot the most.
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[id53082050|Vitaly], You must to understand, many players are to young, kids over 15, 16 etc. And they don+t know how to redeem the keys through developers website. Cuz I was have problem with their security system, they database don't sending confirmation email to my Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo inbox. That's the reason why many of 6000 players still didn't get the keys to activate the game. Now they trying to fill that capacity of 6000 players in the game. After that I believe that they will pull back that free keys when we get enough players in the game. Now situation is much better, there is no complain about roulette keys. Players who win the keys immediately get the notification on their emails and instructions how to activate the product.

Also situation with the player base in Hired Ops is not really good, and I'm not sure that 6000 players will change anything, because the game have tons of bugs which must to be fixed, but that going really slow. Developers working one month just to fix 2-3 bugs and that isn't enough. First problem in the game is ruberbanding (Some servers have that, some doesn't), then next bigger problem is for almost all players is servers for (South America, Asia, Africa and Australia), so no matter how many players win in the roulette if they can't play the game without huge ping they will left the game and search alternative. Then third thing is, that players characters can jump 5 meters from one place to another which is really funny for this game, I call that flying. Try that in the game and you will see feeling. Fourth is sucks animations of players characters, like jumping with squeezing legs, bad syncronization of footsteps when you spectating players, when they running also (Sound going first then steps u hearing last). Fifth is same spawn points in the game like we have in Contract Wars game, which making the game really unplayable for many players (Easy to killing opponents in their spawns), then the problem with system balancing in the match (No have option for changing team or choosing team, in other words u can't play with your friends if you invite them to the game), but the button of that thing have in control settings. And that's not only problems in the game, there is tons of bugs.

Also, I must to mentioned one thing too, developers are announced several months ago two new maps that they will add in the game, new 4 classes with skill trees, clans, contracts.....but that is delayed I think.

Sorry for this long text.
Regards buddy. 😁


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EXAMPLE .... R R R N N N N N N N N R R ......
After the first red ,play on the red 1 €. Win € 1
I still play 1 € on red, comes a red. Win € 1
I still play 1 € on red ,comes a black. I lose. € -1 (the next exit of the red, € 2 will play in red)
Now was released on black. Play on the black 1 €, comes a black. Win € 1
I still play 1 € on black, comes a red. I lose. € -1 (the next exit of the black, € 2 plays in black)
Now came out red, point 2 € on red. Losing - 2 Euro (the next exit of the red, € 4 will play in
Now came out black.Play on the black 2 €, comes a black. Win € 4
I still play 1 € on black, comes a black. Win € 1
I still play 1 € on black, comes a black. Win € 1
I still play 1 € on black, comes a black. Win € 1
I still play 1 € on black, comes a black. Win € 1
I still play 1 € on black, comes a res. I lose. € -1 (the next exit of the black, € 2 plays in black)
Now comes the red. Play on the red 4 €, comes a red. Win € 8.
etc. ..............
in 13 laps you have earned € 14!
You can play this system, even playing a single color


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Shavo Odadjian was born on 22 April 1974 - is an Armenian American songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, music video director/editor, music producer, and artist/painter.

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«Вы что ж это…и конфеты за меня есть тоже будете?»

«Агаааа…» Пару лет назад меня научили интересной модели контактной коммуникации, которая, по сравнению с моим предыдущим арсеналом была, конечно, сродни рогу изобилия с бесконечностью благ, возможностей и чудесных чудес. Ибо узнать у собеседника, что ему нужно и дать ему это (с учетом своих интересов) чрезвычайно просто и интересно! А когда при этом срабатывает пресловутая win-win, так и вовсе чуешь себя на коммуникативном Олимпе (хехе).

Однако, со временем всё чаще извне приходят подтверждения тому, что пора сползать с заезженных шаблонов контактной коммуникации, особенно, если пользуешь их так, что в итоге пользуют тебя. Как барашку, следуя метафорике Гэвина Кеннеди в «Договориться можно обо всем». Вроде бы и делаешь Х в своих интересах, вроде бы и «ну, попросили же», вроде бы и «но мне же интересно», а в итоге «да какие деньги, это ж просьба», «ну, да, потратила 3 часа жизни», «Но я же обещала сделать»…

Ах, это дивное «честное слово», о котором ещё в 1943 году писал Алексей Пантелеев в одноименном рассказе… Скольких овец оно завело в пасти лисиц и совушек, откуда те даже успевали жалобно блеять о том, что надо хвататься за возможности и позволять другим бесплатно тестировать свое мастерство – ведь это прямой путь к финансовому изобилию и всяческим благам…БУ-ГА-ГА-ШЕ-ЧКИ! А жизнь-то бежит…по чьим-то интересным просьбам и увлекательным делам для кого-то, мимо адекватных мастерству заработков и собственных интересов. Брррррр…

Спасибо коллеге за напоминалочку.


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