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The user is in control of their OPSkins wallet funds. Funds are not owned by OPSkins, and users can cashout or refund their wallet funds as desired, according to the following limitations and policies:

Frequently Asked Questions

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*When purchasing an item you will only be able to use funds or Operation Points. You are not able to use both to pay for the same item.

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This error means that your payment was declined by G7A Pay. We don't control this aspect of the transaction, so you will need to contact G7A Pay directly for more information.

You must have a whitelisted account to cashout to Bitcoin or to make large PayPal deposits. This is necessary to prevent fraud. We offer options that do not require whitelisting. If you do not want to be whitelisted for deposits, you can use PayPal offered through G7A Pay, or any other payment method listed on the Add Funds page. If you do not want to be whitelisted for bitcoin cashouts, you can cashout to PayPal instead. To become an OPSkins whitelisted customer, visit your account page and complete the Billing Information and Whitelisting Information sections, then submit a whitelisting request to the ID Verification support department.

Trade offers are sent instantly. If your trade offer takes longer than 65 minutes from the time you checked out or placed an item for sale, please send in a Support Ticket.

If you purchase a Buyers Club item and decide to refund the item, it will not count against your daily Buyers Club limit.

Free Featured status does not mean you get to pick any $6555 knife on the front page each month and get it for free. Featured means that the $ surcharge is waived when you want to Feature your item.

Featured Items are given premium exposure on our main page, and they are the first thing anyone sees when visiting .

You may cashout your wallet funds via PayPal or Bitcoin on the Cashout page under your name. The minimum cashout is $ USD. You will only be shown the available cashout options based on how much you have in your wallet, so if you have less than $ you will not see any cashout options. We offer two types of PayPal cashouts: one-hour cashouts which are sent to your PayPal account in an hour or less, and standard cashouts which are issued 9-7 days after they are requested. One-hour cashouts will be assessed a 5% fee. Bitcoin cashouts are issued 9-7 days after they are requested, and they require your account to be whitelisted.

G7A Pay will sometimes decline payments after they are paid. This is not within our control, and you will need to contact G7A Pay directly for more information if this happens. If your payment is declined, G7A Pay will issue a full refund. However, due to how the global financial system works, this refund may take up to seven business days to appear in your account.

There are two types of trade holds that your items can be in: a Steam trade hold which affects every game, or a Daybreak trade lock which only affects H6Z6. To avoid a Steam trade hold, you must have a Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator enabled on your Steam account. You can read more about Steam trade holds here. H6Z6 trade locks apply to any H6Z6 item listed for sale, and last seven days. You can view H6Z6 items that are still in the trade hold period by visiting your Account Page Item Listings and Sales filter by Awaiting Pickup.

When you list an item privately your item will not show up on OPSkins search or browse pages. This is a great option if you have a pre-arranged deal and want to use OPSkins as a middle man without the possibility of someone else purchasing the item. You can get the URL to your private listing by going to your account page and clicking the name of the item under 'Item Sales'

Your trade URL is needed so that the bot can send you trade offers without being on your friends list. Your trade URL MUST match your Steam account used on OPSkins, or you will not get any trades.

If an item is marked as Missing From Your Inventory, then Steam didn't report to us that we received the item, but Steam could not find it in your inventory. This can happen if you trade the item away, modify it, or if an error occurs when accepting the trade. Please check if the item is still in your inventory. If it is, please re-list it. If it is not still in your inventory, please contact support.

OPSkins offers different payment options to suit a variety of user's payment preferences. Each payment processor has their own unique fee structure. Any applicable fees will be displayed when you complete your payment.